5 Tried & Tested Tips for Maintaining the Efficiency of Your Sump Pump

If you think that your home is your most precious possession, dealing with water damage caused by basement flooding might be your worst nightmare. There is little doubt that everyone hates seeing their homes getting damaged due to basement flooding, but unfortunately, they can't always avoid it, especially if they live in an area that is at the high risk of flooding. 

Residents of flood-prone areas struggle a lot to keep their homes safe from water damage. Each year, they spend a significant amount of money on maintenance activities, but the trouble they face continues year after year.

Basement flooding is a harsh reality, so it's mandatory for you to rely on the right tools such as sump pumps to deal with it effectively. A sump pump is a pump that helps remove water that gets accumulated in the basement during heavy rains. You will find a sump pump in almost every home in the US in a flood-prone area. They play a vital role in preventing water from seeping into homes and damaging the belongings.  And if the water table is above a home's foundation, a sump pump will also eliminate the problem of a damp basement. 

Since sump pumps are so important, it's essential for you to keep them running at their best all year round.

But before we discuss how to maintain the efficiency of your sump pump, let's talk a bit more about why they are essential for you.

l  To extend the life of your foundation
l  To keep water out of your basement
l  To avoid water from entering your home
l  To save your belongings from water damage
l  To relieve your burden
l  To increase your peace of mind 
l  To avoid expensive repairs 

Here is how you should maintain your sump pump if you live in a low-lying urban area which is more likely to be affected by floods when compared to other places.

Examine the Float at Regular Intervals

No matter how stoic a homeowner you are, basement flooding can leave you panicking like anything; therefore, you should try your level best to keep your sump pump in good working order.

It's utterly essential that the float of your sump pump moves swiftly up and down; otherwise, your pump won't perform the way it should. Therefore, you should keep on inspecting the float at regular intervals to ensure that it's in the right position. If its movement gets hampered due to any reason, you will start facing efficiency issues with your sump pump.

Keep the Pit Around Your Pump Clean

If you fail to keep the pit around your sump pump clean, chances are you might face the problem of a clogged impeller, which can hamper the efficiency of your pump tremendously. So set aside some time to clean the pit around your equipment if you don't want to deal with a flooded basement.

Check Your Basement Drain

The drain that carries water away from your basement should be in good working order; otherwise, you will have to deal with the leakage issues in your basement. So if the drain is damaged, make sure that you take the necessary steps to repair it.

Seal the Lid Effectively

Fasten the lid of your sump pump effectively so that nothing can enter the pit. Your failure to do so can put you in trouble, so keep checking that as well regularly.

Repair Your Sump Pump

If your sump pump is damaged, and fixing it is beyond your potential, make sure that you hire quality sump pump repair services from a trusted company in your area. Skilled techniques will solve your problem in no time, leaving you with an efficient sump pump.

Lastly, if you feel that your sump pump is too old, make sure that you hire sump pump installation services to install a new one.


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