Plantation Shutters Maintenance Tips: All the Things You Need to Know

Plantation shuttersare typically found in Australian homes, especially those with outdoor living areas such as patios, decks, or porches. Also, these awnings can also be found attached in recreational vehicles or RVs. Indeed, these are vital whenever groups of friends or families go out camping. If you have outdoor awnings, regardless of their style or design or whether it is fixed or retractable, you know that these are not just mere shades from the intense sunlight of mid-morning to high noon. These attachments also provide protection from the other weather conditions, such as rainfall and winds. Given the sturdy nature of outdoor awnings, it is important that you ensure that they are in top shape at all times.

Indeed, clean and well-maintained plantation shutters Sydney give you the assurance that your investments are preserved, expecting that these would last a long time and that you get to enjoy the benefits that these bring to your home living. When you do the cleaning and maintenance periodically, you not only ensure your awnings’ visual and aesthetic appeal, but also the way it function without having to purchase a new one or waste money in canvas or frame replacements.

Thus, here are some of the tips you should consider in making sure that your outdoor awnings are clean and well-maintained:

·         It would really make a difference in ensuring the resilience of your awnings if you take time and effort to clean your awnings on a periodic basis. Indeed, you must pay close attention to the fabric that covers your outdoor living area. Before you wet it up, make sure to sweep up any visible dust or debris. After that, prepare a soap-water mixture and a scrubbing brush with soft bristles. Lather up the fabric and the frames with the soapy water and then scrub it thoroughly using the brush. Rinse the soap off the awnings right after using a garden hose. Let it air dry for a couple of hours or so. Don’t use bleach for cleaning; it might cause the fabric to deteriorate.

·         Any puddle of water accumulating on top of the awning must be removed soon after the rain stopped. Any material collected on the awning, such as fallen leaves, twigs, and other related matter, must also be removed right away. The weight of accumulated water may strain not just the fabric, but also the frames. Also, the water may attract molds and mildew that could damage the awnings further.

·         Whether your awnings are the fixed or retractable type, it is important that you inspect them thoroughly to make sure that they are still in great working condition. This must be done once in a month. Indeed, you must check if there are squeaking sounds whenever you open or close the retractable awnings. If you find opening and closing them manually quite difficult, you can apply a little bit of lubricant; that way, no moisture would accumulate that might cause rust and corrosion, not to mention avoid squeaks. Also, pay attention to the pulley system of your awnings for any dusts or debris. Failure to clean up the mechanisms that make the awnings move may render the whole thing useless.

·         Also, if there are even just small tears in any part of the fabric, make sure that you repair them as soon as possible. You can’t let a strong wind suddenly tear the fabric of your awnings apart. If you see even just a tiny rip on the seams of the fabric, apply a small amount of nail polish on it. It will hold the ripped seam together, preventing it from being fully torn.

Taking into consideration these cleaning and maintenance actions for plantation shutters Sydney might be chores for you, but these must be done in order for you to use them for a long time. Indeed, the strength and functionality, not to mention the beauty that these awnings do for your home would depend on how you regularly or periodically maintain them.


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