What Does A Building Inspection Involve And How Do You Prepare The Home Inspection Checklist

First, on first what is home or building inspection?? What does a home inspector do?? A building inspection is conducted to check its condition by certified home inspectors. It is a thorough inspection to check whether the home is in good condition or if it requires to be repaired, and which are the area it needs to be repaired if any. A Home inspector walks around to look into the major components (physical and system ) of the home.

Whether you are a buyer or seller both need to prepare a checklist for a home inspection. If you are a seller you need to check out that there isn’t any complication for which your buyer may create some difficulties with the deal.

In the case of a buyer, you need to be more aware before moving into a new home you know all about as this will help for your further planning. It is very necessary to conduct a home inspection before a deal is signed.

How to prepare and what should be included in your checklist?

While preparing for a home inspection you should also know what the inspectors look for, while booking your home inspector try to know about their checklist on inspection. Before the inspection, keep your building clean, provide open access to your area which you to be inspected, repaired where there is any need.

Both Buyer and seller prepare by including the below points in the checklist

The internal condition of the property includes Wall linings, Windows and doors, Hardware, Floors, bathroom fixtures, Fittings, Tiles areas, Kitchen, Cabinetry.

The Exterior factors include Garages/carports, exterior doors, drainage (one of the main components), plants and fences, stairs and balconies, walkways, roofs, gutters, garbage disposals.

Plumbing conditions of pipework, water heater, sewage rejecters, drain, vent.

Electrical Light fixtures, circuit interrupters, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

Each state has a different checklist for home inspections but in most of it, your home inspector will not go into areas which are not easily assailable.

After completion of the inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a written report on the inspection. Go through the full report to self analyse it and get your options, point out the problems, take measures to solve it. For major issues call out your contractors and get the work done.

Now how will you find a qualified home inspector? You can either take help from a real estate agent or simply find it online or by other contacts. The property market of Sydney is flourishing, hiring right agents for proper guidance in home buying is important. Sydney building inspections include all sorts of work done in a professional way which will help to analyse more briefly on the required points of consideration.

Also, the home inspection report gives much confidence to the buyer and seller both before taking any further step.  A pre-purchase inspection is a much need by buyers nowadays. 


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