Jim McCoy Net Worth 2023

 Birthday: September 3 1957

Age:56Birthplace:Net Worth:$400,000Spouse: Tammie QuickChildren: Courtney Quick, John Quick, James QuickDescendant: Samuel McCoyJim McCoy and his family are subject to Hatfields & McCoys Hatfields & McCoy History series. Pine County Kentucky, where the McCoy family is still undergoing a stone's throw from where their great great grandfather ran liquor. Jim is a patriarch of the McCoy clan. He is the great grandson of Samuel who is Randall's brother. Today his son John works 14 hours of shifts in the mine. Jim himself has worked for years at a coal mine. He described it as a formidable life. There was an experience he worked at a 12-inch mine. His son had done it for three years and complained of difficulties. He was only 21 years old but felt like a parent.Jim is bored with difficulty and starting a small business itself. His real name is Jim quickly but he is McCoy's official descendant. He runs an insurance company called Associates insurance. His daughter Courtney began working for him after he graduated from Marshall University in 2010. He then began working in Verizon Wireless as a sales associate. Jim also worked as a police officer. He has done a dozen things to avoid having to work in a coal mine and hope to remove his son from the lifestyle. The net wealth is $ 400k.It's been more than 150 years since Feud is big but a little changed in the Tug River Valley. Muddy water still separates West Virginia from Kentucky and still separates Hatfields and McCoys. Devil Anse Hatfield and Randell McCoy descendants still have the same hatred flow through their blood vessels who leave a dozen to death and generation for. The agreement has been signed and the handshake has given but it will be stopped to believe that a piece of paper is enough to stop the blood from being pulled. Now they are served with a lifetime opportunity to change their lives forever. Let's hope they don't kill each other first.Who thinks that laws that legalize Moonshine will re-ignite a hundred-year-old feud between Hatfields and McCoy. Large liquor executives are looking to bring Brew to the market. Both families will kill to get the label. With millions of dollars at stake, can they stop seeing red and start looking at green.


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