Sisal Rugs - Style Your Rooms In With Sisal Flooring Cover

Sisal floor covers have carved a special place in the hearts of interior designers and homeowners who want to style their place perfectly. And this is why you have seen professional interior designers of repute talking about sisal carpets and covers all across the media nowadays. If you are wondering what properties make a sisal rug such a favourite for interior styling of the homes; then keep on reading further.

Sisal floor covers render a strong foundation

Due to its amazing ability to blend with various surroundings and give a binding effect, a sisal floor cover gives a basic foundation to any space design. Sisal looks not only fashionable but also functional and is the perfect layering accessory, which can be placed beneath an area rug of any kind. What you get overall is a higher degree of comfort alongside durability.

Sisal Rugs

Bring thing together

Due to its neutral demeanour, a sisal rug is uniquely stylish. It is not going to clash with the existing design or the style of space. In large rooms, where furniture items and other room accessories seem to be present as separate islands, the sisal rug winds the look together through its mere presence.

Hard wearing and durable

Sisal fibres are tough and withstand physical stress. Thus, the sisal carpets and flooring covers can be placed in high traffic areas without being worn out and can stay intact for years together.  As these do not collect dust and dirt within, it would be easy to clean and maintain these through a normal cleaning routine. Moreover, the sisal rugs add a texture and give a depth to the room’s design. The best part is that you can get all these advantages at a low cost.


Sisal carpets and flooring covers can fit into any kind of interior home style, whether traditional, contemporary or modern. Sisal carpets are diligent works of Mother Nature which can give add an element of clarity to the dimensions of a room. The new sisal flooring covers come with leather borders and give a polished look with their designer quality.


There are several natural colour variations present in the sisal floor covers and rugs. You can play with the warm and the cool schemes and add important design elements like art and furniture in the living room with a formal setup.

Customisation options

You can get a custom fit sisal rug to layer it with other kinds of rugs in a room. These are a great staple for all kind of home decor, whether country style or modern. The sisal rug can also be used on the walls for rendering a complete makeover to a room in a simple way.

The comfort factor

With a sisal rug in the room, your room is going to be used a lot. You can add or replace any other decor in the room to suit your comfort at any time.
The sisal rug is going to give new inspirations from time to time to make space seem comfortable and cosy for everyone to use. You can also use the sisal carpets to add fun and enlivening elements in a room, which would be used by pets and children.


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