An Insight Into The Different Types Of Commercial Door Locks

No door is complete without having a lock installed in it. Be it retrofitting old doors with modern locking mechanisms or installing one on a new door, locksmiths and property owners know the importance of door locks, especially for commercial properties.
However, one must always keep in mind that it is of utmost importance to hire a renowned locksmith for annual maintenance of the locks in a property. In this way, one can rest assured that they are steering clear from unwanted issues in the future. For more details on how hiring a professional locksmith for annual maintenance of commercial locks can pay off, contact professionals such as

Anyway, let us dive straight into the topic wherein the following sections, we will shed light on the top three variants of commercial locks that have proved their merit over time.
Lever (cylindrical) locks
Cylindrical lever locks are made using a lot of complex locking mechanisms and minute components that are common across all commercial door locks. The primary component of a commercial cylindrical door lock is the locking lever located both on the outside and the inside.
The reason for this type of commercial door lock to end up at the beginning of this list is due to the level of security it offers to commercial property owners. Most of the components of cylindrical door locks are machines or bored using standard machining process. It means there will be fewer parts for an ill-doer to work their way around with. Cylindrical door locks are perfect for commercial use since they are impenetrable and obviously reliable.
Mortise Locks
When one is looking for commercial door locks, it would be unwise and a dumb move not to include mortise locks in one’s list. This is one heck of a lock whose inner workings are all the more appealing and functional. Mortise locks are known for their complex inner workings which are interdependent on one another thus making them all the more reliable and safe.
Electronic (keypad-based) door locks
Keypad door locks first showed their prominence in the hospitality sector. Hotels all over the globe were the first to use this type of locks in their buildings. The reason is simply – the ease of use and the level of security these door locks give to their users.
Keypad door locks are hard to crack and with OTA (Over The Air) updates from the manufacturer’s end every now and then, even hackers won’t be able to get a crack on these locks. So you see, if you want to keep your business safe, keypad-based, electronic door locks is probably your best bet.
While choosing door locks for your commercial property, it is of utmost importance that one pays close attention to the way their business operates. It is best to choose a lock that will not stand in the way of your regular business operations. One should also bear this in mind that the three types of commercial door locks mentioned in this blog post are not the only ones an individual will come across. The post focused on the top three commercial door locks that have time and again won the hearts of commercial property owners. If you find any other variation that has proved to be better than the ones mentioned here, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.


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