5 Signs To Look Out For When Looking For Damp In Your Home

Dampness is surely a serious issue for any types of properties. It is because large scale damage that may go unnoticed at times is caused to various structures of the given property. In some cases, there may be permanent damage that may become irreparable. Hence it may result in a great loss on the part of the concerned property owners. That is why it is very important to keep an eye around your property so as to detect the occurrence of dampness in it. After all, you may get damp treatment price from various service providers around only if you are sure about the attack of dampness at your place. For this, you may look for various signs that may confirm the presence of damp in your home. Here are five common signs that be looked out for by you in this respect.

Musty smell
Dampness results in musty smell at the given place. It is due to seepage of the excess of moisture content in the various structures such as walls, ceilings or floors. Even the structures or assets near to the affected area may also start smelling musty or stale. Thus you may check various corners of your home and especially the remote and inaccessible corners for such smell.
White powder along the line of the walls
Presence of white powder along the lines of the walls is one more important sign that may be looked out for in order to confirm the presence of dampness at your home. It is because dampness starts corroding the upper layer of the concrete or the paint that starts to get off the walls in the form of white powder. The powder may appear continuously even after cleaning the same.
Presence of mould and mildew
Dampness results in the occurrence of mould and mildew in the affected areas of your home. It is especially true when there is excessive dampness at your place. Hence you may check for the presence of such signs before you actually start asking damp treatment price. It is, in fact, one of the most common signs of dampness in various types of properties.
Discolouration of the walls
The walls, ceilings and other structures of your home may start discolouration due to dampness. Such discoloured patches may appear in different areas or corners of your property. Again it is due to a severe attack of dampness.
Condensation on the windows
Presence of excessive condensation on the windows of your home is another major sign of dampness that you may look for. It is due to excess of moisture content in various structures of your home.
By looking for these signs of damp, you may detect and confirm about dampness in your home and take curative and preventative measures for the same.


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