Hazel Renee Net Worth 2023


  1. Hazel Renee was born in Fort Riley Kansas. She attended Kansas State where she met her baby daddy Jacob Pullens.

  2. Her ethnicity is Puerto Rican, Philippino and African American.

  3. The Basketball Wives star is currently working on album with friend Kandi writing and producing.

  4. She appeared in Making The Band auditioning for a spot in Danity Kane.

  5. Basketball Wives salary is allegedly $5,000 per episode of Basketball Wives.Now, in the bulk of his return, basketball handcuffs are becoming hotter than ever. The drama among the ladies and the return of the larger stars of the program is based on almost 3 million viewers per week. But the old and new fanatics of BBW are taking a taste for the newcomer to Hazel Renee. Beauty can be familiar to the Reality Show addicts who caught Hazel taking some excavations in Marlo Hampton. She was taken to an episode of true housewives from Atlanta as a friend of Kandi Burrus. She appeared on the camping trip that ignited a beef who never ended with foundry partners Porsha Williams and Kandi. But Hazel had no longer seen himself in the show. At the same time, she was hired to star in BBW with the "aunt of her" of her Tami Roman.Supposedly it is paid to Hazel $ 5,000 per episode of basketball handcuffs. The star was signed in the middle of the season. Due to the overwhelming line of history between Evelyn and Jackie Christie Hazel, she was not asked to join a member of the main cast. But according to the sources she likes producers and cast members. She has already approached to return next season and possibly as a member of the main cast. The main stars of the show such as Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, Jackie and Malaysia are paid $ 250,000 this season leaving little space for another important contract.

Hazel is the baby's mother to Jacob Jairens. Jacob plays abroad and was never recruited to the NBA. After an impressive 4-year explosion with the Kansas Wildcats at the university, most fans asked himself why his talent and the experience of him was not enough to draw the attention of the NBA Scouts.


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