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Singer, entrepreneur, actress

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Short introduction

Irish artist Maite Star Kelly was brought into the world on December 4, 1979 as the second most youthful offspring of the popular Kelly Family. She is the just one of the twelve youngsters who was brought into the world in Germany. In her childhood she filled in as an artist in the family band. After their disintegration, she began a profession as a performance and melodic craftsman. Today she is especially effective in this type in the hit world. In 2005 she wedded the model Florent Michel Raimond, with whom she along these lines had three youngsters. The marriage was dropped in 2018. 

Earlier life

Maite Star Kelly was brought into the world on December 4, 1979 in Berlin, the 11th of twelve kids. The kid was named after her sibling's better half. With her group of road performers, Maite Kelly's youth was set apart by movement. The Kelly family visited from one spot to another by family transport until they made their leap forward with the 1994 collection "Over halfway there". The transport has now been traded for a 13 million imprint palace in North Rhine-Westphalia. 


Maite Kelly began her vocation as a vocalist in her adolescence. All things considered, she was naturally introduced to a group of performers and had early accomplishment with the Kelly Family. In 1994 the family delivered the collection "Past the halfway point", which moved to number one in the German outlines and in this way fixed the million-dollar achievement of the previous road artists. After the partition of the kin and the finish of their joint vocation, Maite Kelly began a performance profession and really established herself especially in the Schlager region, where she is as yet one of the most mind-blowing known greats of the scene. Notwithstanding her vocation as a vocalist, Maite Kelly additionally developed a second pillar as an entertainer. For instance, she can be found in the film "Wuff" as an insane feline proprietor. Her innovative action, be that as it may, is in the space of the regular beauty care products brand Aroma Gardens, which she sells along with her ex. The artist has likewise become well known in the style area. She planned her own design assortment for Bonprix. Maite Kelly likewise showed up as an essayist with her youngsters' book "Pass on kleine Hummel Bommel und kick the bucket Zeit".  

Career highlights

Notwithstanding various prizes and grants from adolescence, Maite Kelly additionally prevailed with regards to climbing as an independent craftsman to hit paradise. On the off chance that her hit "Sieben Leben für dich" was a remarkable achievement, she succeeded again with "Kick the bucket Liebe siegt in any case".

In 2017, Maite Kelly was named Schlager Sensation of the Year for the smago! Grant's first collection. In 2019 she got a similar cost for "The new reference collection in the hit" for her collection "Love wins at any rate". The SWR announced Maite Kelly 2019's approval of the year.
 Currently in 2012 she got the Order of Merit of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for her administrations as a craftsman and socially dedicated resident. In 2015 she was granted the LovelyBooks Reader's Prize for her youngsters' book in the kids' books classification.  

Success tips

For Maite Kelly, the way to progress is formed by inspirational perspectives and invigorating thoughts. Regardless of whether individuals need to adapt to critical social changes and shocks, as per Kelly, they will consistently discover joy through the way of affection – regardless of the number of obstructions they experience. Just love conveys the great and at last prompts the ideal achievement.


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