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Brief introduction

Mickie Krause is a German artist and performer. With his hit hits, he makes climate at Ballermann, but at the same time is an assurance for great party music here in Germany. Mickie Krause has likewise taken part in a few TV creations for German diversion TV and is a welcome visitor on honorary pathway. His genuine name is Michael Engels, and his unmistakable haircut is on account of a hairpiece he uses to ensure his private life. 

Early life

Mickie Krause was brought into the world on June 21, 1970 in the little local area of Wettringen, around 35 kilometers northwest of Münster, where, notwithstanding his second home in Mallorca, he actually lives with his better half and 4 kids together. He experienced childhood in precise family connections and was the vocalist of his school band in his childhood. He likewise considered himself a class comedian and was among the scouts. Here he had the capacity of a gathering chief with his Catholic scout bunch, which had a place with the 'German Scouting Saint George'. At 15 years old, Mickie Krause was additionally named "Bravo Boy" by the young paper of a similar name. In the wake of moving on from school, he at first finished two apprenticeships: as a material purifier and as a young and home instructor.  


Mickie Krause started his profession during the 1990s as an alleged 'warm upper' by Birte Kalaus, Hans Meiser and Oliver Geissen. Simultaneously he was as yet the artist of the hit band 'Erika Rehbein and the Schlager merry go round'. In 1998 his first single showed up on the name 'Ladyland' from Dance Street Records. This single was the melody 'Anita', which is as yet famous today at many gatherings. With 'Anita' Mickie Krause came to Mallorca interestingly, where he performed live in the Hotel Riu Palace. After a year, in 1999, he at last made his leap forward in the hit business and in the German hit marches with '10 stripped hairdo '. Further hits followed, with which he actually warms up the party visitors on the Ballermann each season. In the cold weather months, Mickie Krause is presently additionally a welcome artist at après ski parties in notable winter sports resorts like Kitzbühel, thus he right now performs around 180 exhibitions each year. He likewise has customary appearances in a wide assortment of German TV designs. These incorporate the series 'Berlin – Day and Night' (2012) and 'Cologne 50667' (2013) just as amusement shows, for example, 'Damnation's Kitchen', 'Presently it gets strange', 'Wetten dass ..?' or the 'television Total WOK WM'. 

Career highlights

After his hit '10 naked haircut 'Mickie Krause originally distributed his first collection in 2001 with the name' OK… next – my most noteworthy triumphs section 2) '. This was trailed by one more 7 collections until 2016, practically all of which made it into the best 100 of the German diagrams. He praised his most prominent accomplishment in 2010 with the tune 'Schatzi, give me a photograph', which was likewise fruitful in Austria and Switzerland and remained in the German outlines for quite some time. Prior and then afterward, he additionally sang to his heart with tunes, for example, 'Remove the Hut' (2003), 'Go get lager' (2014), 'Jan Pillemann Otze' (2008), 'Finger im Po, Mexico' of the Ballermann and party crowd.

Mickie Krause likewise won his fifth Ballermann Award in 2019; with a portion of his performer associates – including Jürgen Drews and Antonia from Tyrol – has as of now recorded numerous two part harmonies. In his melodies, which frequently have interesting verses, he at long last depends on oldies and society tunes, which builds the acknowledgment worth of his music altogether.

Amazing facts

Mickie Krause is a decent vocalist, yet can't understand notes or play an instrument. In 2019 he opened a school in Rwanda in the wake of declaring it the prior year for the "German Schlager Night" in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). What's more, there are not really any photographs of Mickie Krause without a hairpiece. In 2006 he purchased the "Lord of Mallorca coat" from Jürgen Drews in the RTL gift long distance race.


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